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Be True to Your Intentions. Be the Brand

Becoming an authority thought leader in your area of focus is a big advantage to furthering your goals. Influencer branding can help you to cultivate deep, meaningful connections with your audience. Without it, your amazing work won’t get the attention it truly deserves. At Smith Durant, Las Vegas we work with passionate founders, start-up CEO’s, and Charitable Cause Leaders’ to help them build their authority and influencer status. In developing your influencer brand, we show you how to grow your supporters, build credibility, and position yourself as an authority in your sphere. Influencer branding will open many doors for you because authority leaders and influencers have the power to be known for all the right reasons. A captivating personal brand has the potential to spread like wild-fire.

Here are a few things we focus on at Smith Durant:

  • a clear, compelling brand and value proposition
  • aligning your brand & value proposition with long-term vision
  • helping you to stand out against competition
  • developing trust, increasing engagement with your audience
  • approachability and authenticity
  • face-to-face and social media networking

Personal Branding for Celebrities. Stay Ahead, Be A Legend.

At Smith Durant, Las Vegas we’re all about creating the ‘WOW’ factor for our celebrity clients who love to entertain.
Certain celebrities nail it—really standing out from the crowd when it comes to personal branding. That’s because they’ve created a persona that people adore. For others, their personal brand isn’t aligned with their goals and this becomes an obstacle to fulfilling dreams.
We work with amazing entrepreneurs including media personalities, cosmetic doctors, fitness & health experts, authors and more. We’ve helped clients to develop awe-inspiring personal brands and wow their audiences.
You too can achieve first-rate personal branding with our Celebrity Branding package. By identifying and illustrating your unique qualities, we position you to best represent your talents and goals. Your personal brand must be true to who you are, your strengths, your passions, your understanding, and most of all why you’re worth it. When your target audience hears a mere mention of your name we aim to ignite their hearts and minds.

As a celebrity branding client of Smith Durant, Las Vegas, you can expect to feel fabulous, authentic, excited, and confident about fulfilling your dreams. We share precise tips and tactics to equip you in communicating the remarkable value you offer.
Attract the attention and hype you deserve, that’s right—WOW Factor + Star Power. Today, people need to bond with a personality’s content so profoundly they’re compelled to share it, post it, like it, pin it, and follow it.

What does Smith Durant’s Celebrity Branding include?

  • Assessing your current brand
  • Clarifying how you want to be known
  • Ensuring your profiles best represent your authentic self
  • Guiding you towards an affirmative action plan
  • Creating a consistent approach to your new celebrity brand
  • Advising you how to stay relevant to your target audience

Here are a few authentic people we have worked with!

Diana D The Hybrid Mom
Personal Branding

Kim Miramontes
Executive Coaching

David C. Burr Wells Fargo Executive
Executive Coaching

Leah Martin Law
Personal Services

Bob Massi Fox News Analyst
Personal Branding

Christie Fernandez
Fitness and Wellness

Les Brown World-Renowned Speaker
Motivational Speaker

Teresa Maharaj
Creative Artist

We can’t wait to help you realize your potential