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Business in a Box – Ready for your next Big Move?

Smith Durant, Las Vegas are seasoned professionals in preparing multimillion dollar businesses for big plans. Usually, clients need to optimize their processes before their big move, and that’s where we come in. Alternatively, a business may not have sufficient resources to implement big changes. No need to worry about that – we offer premium, proven, customized solutions for your business type and niche industry.

Out of the box thinking. No Fluff!

At Smith Durant, we are experts in looking at the big picture and how significant changes will impact every part of the business in the long-term. Business in a Box provides you with a dashboard of where your business is headed. It highlights key issues within your organization in an uncomplicated way. We can assist you to implement management processes and tracking to enable a seamless transition. Smith Durant continually focus on the highest quality standards and results – worth every dollar of your investment. Looking to Franchise, Expand to Multiple Locations, or Sell your Business in Las Vegas?


If you plan to franchise your company, the decisions you make will impact your business for years to come. An important thing to consider is whether your business is ready to be franchised. As well as having a track record of generating revenue and profitability, there are several other factors that need to be examined. Your business must be systematized so it can be replicated, duplicated, and mirrored. Smith Durant use a logical, creative, yet uncomplicated approach to business franchising by breaking things down to basics. With the correct business model in place, you’ll be well on your way to successful franchising.

Need to Expanding

Essentially, your current location should be generating positive cash flow and making profits before you expand. At Smith Durant, we read between the lines to identify problematic areas that could obstruct your grand plans. In our experience, it’s crucial to decide if anything surrounding your proposed new location or expansion could unfavorably impact the business. Then, we decide how efficiently your business can transfer to the new location. We take all variations into account which could range from recruitment to competition. Expect a smooth business transition and the highest quality standards and results.

Selling your Business

If you plan to sell your business in the future and make an excellent profit, your business needs to attract high quality buyers. The best time to sell your business is when it’s operating at peak performance and continually driving profits, not when it’s experiencing problems. It’s simple, the more money your business makes, the more attractive it is to investors.

Smith Durant assist numerous businesses in Las Vegas to prepare to sell. We work with presidents, founders, and CEO’s of highly profitable companies putting necessary systems in place to strengthen business value. 

We can’t wait to help you realize your potential