How Your Company Culture Can Help You Get Back to the Future  

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Get back to ‘thinking about’ the future. Your company culture should support your mission and vision, and your team should allow you, as a leader, to get them there. Smart companies have a great culture. Why? Because they understand it’s a required rite of passage to grow and be successful. Unfortunately, many companies don’t spend enough time developing this very crucial aspect of their business.

Remember the popular 80’s flick Back to the Future? The professor created a car that could zip Marty McFly, the lead character, into the future. That is the dream of many companies. They would love to be able to know how to predict what their futures entail. Well, even if a leader does not have DeLorean supercar that can defy the laws of physics, they can still use the present to guarantee success with these 8 forward-thinking insights.

1. Create a Positive Overall Environment

It is crucial for a company to create a positive working environment. Employees need to feel respected and appreciated. When these things happen, workers will do all they can to help the company succeed. In many cases, people begin to perceive of the company’s good fortune as their own. It is this sort of loyalty that results from a positive environment of mutual respect.

2. Emphasize Teamwork

Good leaders facilitate teamwork. No person should feel themselves doing more than others similarly situated on the job. Instead, the company must ensure that everyone feels part of the team. It is the success of the team, in which all members give their all, that must be the ultimate objective.

5. Have Respect for Diversity

Demonstrating respect for diversity is a key to success in the future. When employees believe that the company has the best interest of all groups of people, regardless of background, at heart, the machine runs much more smoothly. There is less antagonizing and more cooperation.

6. Articulate a Clear Mission Statement

A major reason why companies fail is through lack of a clear mission statement. When workers do not know exactly what management expects of them, they perform up to their own, perhaps misplaced, standards. This lack of unison leads to competition within the organization, rather than a united front. By articulating a clear, concise mission statement, a company can help ensure that all are onboard and moving in the same direction.

7. Have Great Financial Management

Without a sound financial management team, no company can expect success. Instead, they will lose money over time, regardless of how much they make Great financial management helps protect profits needed for future innovation.

8. Instill a Solid Customer Service Process

Companies need a solid customer base to survive. Repeat patronage is the key. The way to keep customers is to have a process to elicit their feedback and make adjustments when needed.

When someone has a problem with a product or service, it is necessary for the company to listen to the concern and provide an answer. Failing to return calls or address questions can lead to a negative customer experience.

Getting Back to the Future…

Just as Marty McFly was able to go into the past to right the future, any company can get on the path to a solid future by taking action today. To do so, it is necessary that they create, develop and maintain a great company culture by following the suggestions above.

The way that employees, customers and managers feel about their overall experience helps decide the overall success of a company. When people feel positive about the company culture, they will go to greater lengths to perform above their abilities. Whether it is a client who tells others to utilize the company or an employee willing to give up a weekend to do extra work, it is the company culture that serves as catalyst for these beneficial decisions.

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